New York City – The Parker Family’s Second Home

22 Jun

New York’s Number One Family on the #1 Train

(New York City, June 22, 2012) Manhattan got hotter and hotter throughout the week. On the first day of summer, thousands of New Yorkers closed down Broadway for blocks on either side of Times Square for a gigantic yoga fest. The Yankees were back in town, playing the Atlanta Braves. And someone put Salvador Dali’s “Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio” in a brown paper bag and walked out of an East Side art gallery with it. Another typical week in the big city…

Andre Parker and his grandmother Pauline walk along 34th Street, with parents Patrick and Amy in the background

But if you paid very close attention, there was a small bubble of joy moving north, south, east, and west, both on and just offshore from the island, showing up in all the best places. It was the Parker Family, on their Road Scholar Charter Program, sharing the fun with each other, and those lucky enough to be traveling with them. Count us as members of this elite group.

Jim Parker talks about his family’s charter program looking west from the Empire State Building

Selecting their own destinations and taking everyone along for a fantastic ride were Jim and Pauline Parker. “In other years, we’d rent a big beach house and have everyone there for a week. But this was so much more special. We decided where we wanted to go, matching the places we’d visit with what we knew our family would enjoy. Tim was in the military, so we picked the Intrepid Museum. Andre studies musical theater, so we arranged a behind-the scenes tour of the New Amsterdam Theater. Stefanie is an architect, which is why we booked the cruise around Manhattan. And we all love boats,” explains Pauline. “The best part was that Road Scholar made all the arrangements and took care of all the details. We just showed up and had a great time.”

The fun we all had on the Parker Family Charter Program needs no explanation. You had to be there. Thankfully, we were.

An Island of Joy, Overlooking Manhattan


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